Using mobile imaging systems on a daily or long-term basis

Our service solution secures and expands your service centre in comfort thanks to the latest mobile imaging.
With systems from leading manufacturers such as Philips, Siemens and GE, we offer solutions in the areas of MRI, CT, X-ray and PET/CT including nuclide logistics services. You can consult with our highly-qualified application personnel throughout your service time.

Your institute will be provided with the necessary diagnostic imaging system as quickly as possible. This means that you can also perform urgent treatments. This way you can avoid losses for your institute caused by transfers to other facilities as well as high investment costs. Profit from being able to calculate costs.

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  • Using diagnostic imaging systems in a trailer or modular building
  • Quick delivery times
  • Specialist project management support
  • High-quality systems from all leading manufacturers
  • Tailor-made to suit your individual needs
  • Expanding resources for temporary relief
  • Patient care can be maintained at a high level
  • Equal performance rating to stationary imaging systems
  • Support/guidance from our highly-qualified staff
  • Avoid losing money to other facilities
  • Costs can be calculated
  • Quality control
  • No servicing/repair costs

Taking stock

Perfect solutions need perfect planning above all else. This relates to the issue of performance and timing, as well as to economics factors. Your requirements are always what guide us. We do this by combining our years of experience with high-quality technology and by providing individual concepts to suit you.

Keeping pace

We offer a full mobile service as a tailor-made solution to meet your requirements. Whether it’s a ground-level modular building or a mobile trailer – we offer you a completely individual choice. With our flexible, tailor-made service solutions, we will provide you with the imaging systems you want, as well as the staff you need, as quickly as possible. Our units offer the same functionality as fixed installations, as well as quick and unobstructed access for the patients.

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