Use mobile ESWL / SBB solutions on a daily or long-term basis

With our service solution, you can comfortably and regularly update your range of services.
Your institute will be provided with the necessary diagnostic imaging system as quickly as possible. You can consult with our highly-qualified application personnel throughout your service time.
We regularly offer flexible use of new and tried-and-tested medical technologies for confidently identifying standard indicators, meaning you can also perform urgent treatments. This way you can avoid losses for your institute caused by transfers to other facilities as well as unnecessary repair and maintenance costs.



    Use our Lithotripter service for minimally invasive, standard urological and orthopaedic therapy. Benefit from an extremely high accuracy rate in extra-corporeal shock-waves lithotripsy (ESWL)
    Use our stereotactic vacuum biopsy to conduct reliable confirmation tests on patients suspected of breast cancer. Our systems are equipped with patient-friendly examination tables with digital instant-image technology, and offer a high level of accuracy thanks to the image-guided removal of tissue.




  • Day hire of a mobile terminal
  • Expand your institute’s range of services with flexibility
  • Patient care that suits your needs
  • Installation and therapy support from qualified application staff
  • Consultations for developing tailor-made exploitation models
  • Modern, minimally invasive standard therapy for your institute
  • No investment risk
  • Flexible loan schedule – weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Costs can be calculated
  • Necessary quality controls according to manufacturer guidelines
  • Rooms in your facility can be used for other purposes the rest of the time.
  • No servicing/repair costs

Precise and gentle – ESWL

Dual locating with integrating X-ray and ultra-sound technology allows you to perform effective, secure, user-friendly and patient-friendly therapies for all types of stones or for induratio penis plastica (IPP). Because continuous ultra-sound locating is performed during the entire procedure, it is possible to focus precisely, even on small stones.
Extra-corporeal shock-wave therapy is a delicate, safe and virtually pain-free treatment option which can even be used with small children and at-risk patients. This treatment, which can be performed without sedation or anaesthesia, is distinguished by its high rate of success – without relevant side effects.

Precise and gentle – SBB

Thanks to the efficient removal of multiple tissue samples with the unique puncture needles, it is possible to safely remove micro calcifications and focal findings. The vacuum technology allows you to suck out and inject liquids via the biopsy needle inserted into the tissue, and offers representative sampling in case of architectural problems, asymmetrical concentrations, and multi-focal lesions.
The stereotactic vacuum biopsy of the breast (SBB) allows you to delicately remove tissue in under an hour, outside of the operating theatre, and also offers a high level of diagnostic confidence thanks to the removal of up to 24 tissue cylinders. By avoiding a surgical biopsy under full anaesthesia, you can expect fewer complications and less scarring.

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