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The 'Tony Chocolonely' lore

Tony Chocolonely originated from a Dutch TV show where journalists question manufacturers and products about the origin of their products, ingredients and manufacturing process. And what seems? In West Africa (where most of the cocoa comes from) illegal child labor and modern slavery are still alarmingly common. Tony Chocolonely fights against this type of production and is promoting a slave-free chocolate market. Next to that Tony Chocolonely pays a fair share of the yields to the cocoa farmers in Africa.

How does this affect me?

Unfortunatly we are not living in a perfect world. On the 1st of December we plan to start the migration from Northern Europe to the UK tenancy. There will be times where the access to mails, files and applications will be unavailable for some of you. We kindly ask for your understanding.

If a situation like this occurs we would like to ask you to sit back and take a bite of this delicious chocolate bar, because..

“Keep calm, we’ve got you secured”

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